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All of the Reasons your baby is not Sleep through the Night … and how to fix it

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Are you awake all night long with your baby thinking, “Please, just SLEEP!!”? It can be challenging to decode the reasons why your baby is struggling to sleep. Even though sleep is biological, you can help prompt your baby to sleep with a few Sleep Associations. 

As a mom of a toddler and a 4 month old, I know how incredibly important sleep can be. That is why I created Nappy Hour Network. We struggled with sleep with our first born. I read every blog, book, and infant sleep course out there to finally  come up with a method that works! Babies schedules and understanding their milestones really help your mentality during these sleep deprived times.

Fast forward to our second baby, and we are in the throes of a 4 month sleep regression. The only thing that has helped us survive is implementing the methods we researched tirelessly with our first baby. 

If you are pregnant, or your baby is somewhere in the 0 -14 week age range, I highly recommend you checking out our Fourth Trimester sleep course. Here you will learn: How to help your baby sleep, how to calm a fussy baby, nighttime sleep vs daytime and naptime sleep, infant sleep cycles, what to bring to the hospital, and preparing for baby. 

You will also have access to 14 weeks of baby sleep schedules and milestones

We have also paired down our most favorite ‘must have’ baby sleep items here. There are so many choices in the market, but these are a few of the best! Here are a few items that we highly recommend to help prompt sleep for your baby:

Deconovo 100% Blackout Curtains – The ONLY black out curtains you need! If you put your hand in front of your face and can still see it, the room is not dark enough.

SwaddleMe Easy Change Swaddle – You should swaddle your baby until baby starts to show signs of rolling over. These swaddles are SUPER easy to use and worked perfectly for both of my babies

Yogasleep Rohm Portable White Noise Machine  – Sound machines mimic the ‘wooshing’ sound of the womb. This helps baby feel safe when sleeping. We love this sound machine because it is perfect for travel as well.

The Original Noise Machine  – We are always using two sound machines in our house. We place this one close to the door at the loudest setting.

Babyletto Pure Core Crib Mattress – Baby needs a firm mattress and fitted sheet. This mattress is wonderful and the customer service is lovely to deal with if necessary. 

Hatch Rest+ Baby Sound Machine – Absolutely a must have. In the middle of the night you will want to use the red light setting to navigate through feedings and diaper changes without turning the light on. 

Miro NR07G humidifier – Completely Washable Modular Humidifier, – I hate having to clean humidifiers, but I find that humidifiers are great for baby breathing, when used correctly. This humidifier is the easiest to clean humidifier that is on the market.

Join the Nappy Hour Network, where thousands of parents use these techniques to help baby associate sleep with a happy and safe environment

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