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Newborn: Weeks 0 - 14

40 page downloadable course that details sample schedules, calming a fussy baby, preparing for baby, sleep 101, and nighttime vs daytime sleep

3 - 5 Month Course

COMING SOON: learn about bedtime routines, sleep regression, mental leaps, attachment focused/crib side soothing techniques. 

6 - 24 Month Course

COMING SOON: Just starting sleep training? This is for you! We will cover dropping naps, travelling, nighttime awakenings and more!

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1 Week of Email Communication

3 – 30 minute Zoom consultations. Weekly email communication. Must purchase course associated with age of child. Limited monthly availability

1:1 Services - 1 Month

3 – 30 minute Zoom consultations. Weekly email communication. Must purchase course associated with age of child. Limited monthly availability

1:1 Services - 1 Month

5 – 30 minute Zoom consultations. Weekly email communication. Must purchase course associated with age of child. Limited monthly availability

NHN Membership

COMING SOON: This monthly subscription provides you with VIP access to the Nappy Hour Network. Membership includes access to recorded webinars; expert Q&A sessions, private blog posts, & more!

Monthly Webinar

Each month we will offer a live webinar that you can join and ask your questions directly to our CEO, Allison. Follow us on Instagram to reserve your spot when our next webinar goes on sale! Limited spots 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Nappy Hour Network helps you implement structured, predictable schedules and co-regulation techniques to soothe your baby. We want you to feel connected to your baby and confident to help your baby sleep.

We believe that each baby is different: temperament, health, environment and many other factors can effect how a baby sleeps. There is no one size fits all program that exists. Nappy Hour Network has a goal to inform you with the best sleep science, routine guide, and education in order to assist your baby to sleep. We do not promise your baby will be sleeping 10 – 12 hour nights by a specific age, but we do promise that they will eventually get there.  

We want you to know, that you do not have to cut your night time feedings until your baby is ready. We want you to know that you will not have to use the extinction method and let your baby cry until they fall asleep. This program is a gentle and attachment led process so that you and your baby feel comfortable.

Following the course program will help your baby sleep longer, uninterrupted hours.

Nappy Hour Network does not teach the Cry It Out method. With that being said, there will be some crying during this process because, breaking news, babies cry. During the course, you will learn not only when to wait and when to respond, but the best way to respond to ensure babies can quickly go back to sleep.

The program goes in to more detail about concerns surrounding the Cry It Out method. In short, intense crying raises cortisol levels, which is an increase in anxiety. Long sessions of intense crying could effect various parts of the brain later in life.

Nappy Hour Network does not believe in co-sleeping. We define co-sleeping as the baby sleeping in the bed with you, even if it is with an baby pillow or similar item. If this is something you are interested in, this program is not for you. There are other programs that do go through co-sleeping tips, but this method does not align with NHN’s safe sleeping habits. Quite frankly, the founder of NHN could sleep through a tornado going through the bedroom, so this, among many other reasons, is why we do not promote co-sleeping. HOWEVER, we do promote snuggles and contact napping to achieve some of those benefits. 

We recommend baby is sleeping in their own room and own crib as soon as possible to maximize restorative sleep. More on this will be covered in the course manuals.

Room sharing is promoted by NHN and will be reviewed in the courses. Many parents, including our CEO, have their babies sleep in a bassinet or crib in the same room for the first few months.

Room sharing and co-sleeping are considered two different ways of sleep with Nappy Hour Network.

Co-regulation techniques are used throughout this program. NHN will thoroughly explain techniques that you will use to help teach your baby how to soothe themselves back to sleep and successfully transition through sleep cycles. We highlight the “co” part of co-regulation because it is super important to support your baby with this attachment so that they can eventually self regulate.

You should chose the course of the current age of your baby. You can start at whatever age you are at. The earlier you commit to the program the quicker you will see results.